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It is often said that the most important human day in the world is the day you understand why it is here. Why does it exist? And most of us live our entire lives without inventing an answer to this question. Personally, I don’t think about this, it’s kind of a matter of course. I’m not worried about why I’m here, but I’m wondering how I could be most helpful in this life. I have my own values and beliefs that are really important to me and they act as a red thread. I am certainly one of the few who have a strong belief that he is actually here to serve others and, above all, to serve his Creator.

To accomplish my “life mission,” for example, I write this blog and run a wellness company. This is all Tapani to serve others. In my bubble, everyone should be able to do well and get energy for their day as much as it is possible for a person to realize themselves. If there are chronic diseases or congenital, then a person has to live with its reality. But we all need the right nutrients in the body to run our daily lives.

As a mother myself, I feel that all mothers are performers. Whatever everyday life brings, we take care of it. We don’t have a day off or a break because of the flu itself. Nope, the mother walks out of the maternity ward and is already immediately completing life at the HIGH SCHOOL the only textbook is the life being and the challenges of everyday life; successes and failures.

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