10 Day FitMarathon

10 Day FitMarathon

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FitMarathon is a new, easy and fascinating way to achieve your own well-being goals. With hundreds of participants, we’ve found how fun it has been to aim and achieve your own weight management goals.
  • Starts every other week
  • Telegram group
  • Weighing every day
  • 2 light days (DETOX)
  • Welfare assessment
  • Recipes
  • Instructor support
  • Group trick
  • Great results
  • You only pay for the products

One round of FitMarathon lasts 10 days and during it there is a fun-filled race in daily weight management. There are both weight losers and muscle mass breeders. The team can accommodate 9 (Captain + 8 riders) participants and there is room for teams for each round.

Custom scale (for daily weight monitoring)
Telegram application (free application)
A personalized meal plan to support your own goals.
Herbalife products
Welcome and bring friends and colleagues!

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