F1 Healthy meal - Vegan milkshake with 10 different flavors

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New generation Formula 1 meal replacement milkshake to support weight management and weight loss *. Formula 1 is rich in protein, which maintains muscle mass and promotes its growth, as well as vitamins, minerals and fats in perfect balance.

Optional nine different flavors, as shown, all with the same content in different flavors. Choose your favorites!

• 214-222 kcal / dose
• One serving contains 18 grams of protein, which promotes muscle growth.
• 4 g of fiber per serving
• The dose contains at least 38 percent of the recommended daily intake of 25 vitamins and minerals, such as chromium, which helps keep blood glucose levels normal.
• Vegan, gluten-free, does not contain artificial colors or flavors.


• Mix two tablespoons (26 g) of powder with 2.5 dl of skimmed milk (1.5% fat).
• Recommended for use with Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Combination and fiber and herbal tablets..

• In weight management: Replace two meals a day with a delicious milkshake and eat one nutritious meal.

• As a healthy diet: Replace one meal a day with a delicious milkshake and eat two nutritious meals.

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