Herbalifeline Max - Omega 3

Herbalifeline Max - Omega 3

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5 health benefits

EPA and DHA promote normal heart function * (1 capsule)
DHA helps keep brain function normal ** (1 capsule)
DHA promotes normal vision ** (1 capsule)
EPA and DHA help keep blood triglyceride levels normal *** (4 capsules)
EPA and DHA help keep blood pressure normal **** (5 capsules)

Herbalifeline® Max is a dietary supplement rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that support normal heart function and blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels remain normal. DHA promotes brain function and vision to remain normal.

• Fish oil sourced from sustainable sources is Friend of the Sea certified
• Thanks to thyme and peppermint oil, the product does not leave a fishy aftertaste
• The ingredients in Herbalifeline® Max are packaged in a herbal capsule

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