Ramadan set with effective formula 3

Ramadan set with effective formula 3

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With this set, you are doing really well in support of Ramadan. This gear condition with formula 3 is for you who don’t like it too sweet. Formula3 is a tasteless protein supplement.

Iftar (breaking fast:

After breaking the fast (dates + water), add 3 caps of Aloe Vera to the glass of water.

Formula1 vanilla:mix 1 tablespoon + 150ml milk. Drink this to allow your body to get nutrients, but a 1/2 dose will prevent you from feeling cramped.

1/2 teaspoon Herbalife instant herb drink + a little cold water and sit the rest warm. Directly you can also warm mix to 70-80% degrees.

After the Maqrib prayer you get to eat whatever you had plans to eat. However, be sure to eat healthily and make the most of this month’s fast. Cheers to fast, may Allah accept your fast.

Dinner: Prefer protein and vegetables/vegetables while respecting the dish pattern.

Zuhur: 3 tablespoons Formula1 + 2 tablespoons Formula3 + 3dl milk. A glass of water.