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Training package

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Take your fitness, performance and recovery to the next level with Herbalife24 products. 

Rebuild Strenght - Recovery drink
A high-protein recovery drink for muscle fitness training.


• Especially suitable for ingestion after anaerobic exercise.
• Contains 25 grams of protein to help support muscle growth and maintenance.
• Iron helps to support energy metabolism, the formation of red blood cells
as well as the transport of oxygen in the body.
• No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.
• Casein and whey proteins are high quality milk proteins that are kept
particularly important due to their high amino acid content.

Mix 5 medals (50 g) with 2.5 dl of water. Shake. Enjoy within half an hour
after anaerobic exercise. A high-protein recovery drink for muscle fitness training.


CR7 - Training drink

A good-tasting and refreshing carbohydrate electrolyte drink is suitable for drinking during exercise.It is suitable for drinking during all kinds of exercise and sports, as it helps to cope

  • Carbohydrate Electrolyte Solution Proven To Help Support Performance And Durability. *
  • Also promotes water absorption during exercise. **
  • 100kcal / dose
  • The carbohydrate electrolyte solution promotes endurance performance during long-term endurance training.
  • The carbohydrate electrolyte solution improves water absorption during physical performance.


The drink has been developed in collaboration with world-class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
RESTORE - Recovery from training at night
The restore has been developed specifically for the needs of athletes. It contains 200 mg of vitamin C, which helps maintain the normal functioning of the immune system during and after strenuous exercise. Restore contains 150 mg of Lactium, a unique bioactive peptide made from casein protein. Restore also contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E, which helps protect the body from oxidative stress..

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