Online challenge launcher

Online challenge launcher

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The 21-Days challenge package includes e.g.

Formula 1 - a healthy meal.
Oat-apple fiber - a fiber supplement, reduces mid-body fat and removes waste products.
Green herbal extract - Fatburning tea - a refreshing and energizing drink.

✔️ In 21 days you will be able to build a healthier routine to develop your own well-being.

✔️ In 21 days you will really get a lot done as long as you take the challenge seriously and give yourself a chance to get results.

✔️ In the online challenge group you will get a lot of support and tips and most of all encouragement. Good results have been achieved in the previous group. Once again, we are looking for a group of people who commit to following the instructions given and respecting the common rules of the game.

 ✔️ The group works through Facebook and Whatsapp.

You will receive more information by e-mail as soon as you have paid the participation fee.

The group has two rules:1) Post twice a day e.g. days of your meals and 2) respect the other members of the group.

✔️ Who are you challenging to join this challenge? Remember that you will receive a gift for each successful referral (i.e., each of your friends who participates in the challenge and order a participation package for themselves). 😍

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